Welcome to the Hengifoss area

When you visit the Hengifoss & Hallormsstaður area look for the local brands and be sure to taste at least some of our delicacies.

The area is rich of sources for giving you a taste of Austurland. The woodlands and valleys are full of mushrooms, berries and edible plants, pure ingredients for products and portions. The highlands are ruled by wild reindeer, goose and the sheep from the local farmers. Close by are the fjords with sustainable fishery.


Sauðagull makes products from sheep milk; chocolates, cheese and refreshing ice-cream that you can for example buy in the Hengifoss food truck

Hotel Hallormsstaður

Hotel Hallormsstaður has two restaurants where you can try various lamb dishes, both traditional and with an international twist.

Móðir jörð

Móðir Jörð - Vallanes is the oldest organic farm in Iceland. The Vallanes café offers fresh vegetarian meals from organically grown barley and vegetables.


Klausturkaffi always serves the world-famous larch bolete soup and stone brambleberry skyr cake.

The Wilderness Center

In the Wilderness center, the happy marriage cake has tasty rhubarb jam harvested in their own garden.

Holt og Heiðar

Holt og heiðar are well-known across the country for their fantastic birch syrup and jams, but you can buy them locally here.


Hengifoss guesthouse makes divine dishes from cod caught by fishermen in Borgarfjörður eystri and lamb from the valley.
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