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About us

Hallormsstaður National Forest is considered to be Iceland‘s largest forest. The forest covers an area of 740 hectares most of which is native birch. Since 1905, the forest has been the site of large scale trials of exotic species.

The forest is a popular outdoor area in a diverse landscape. There are 11 marked trails. A hiking map is in a box at the start of all the hiking trails, as well at Hotel Hallormsstadur. You can also download it here.

Hallormsstadur host arboretum a tree collection with over 80 tree species. Around summer solstice (21st June) the National Forest Day is celebrated here with food and fun for the family and the Lumberjack National Championship.


There are two camping areas in the forest: Atlavík which is located in a picturesque cove surrounded by birch woods and Höfðavík that provides a higher level of services for campers.

701 Fljótsdalshérað
+(354) 849 1461

GPS: N 65.099961 - W 14.740605 (Höfðavík)

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