The waterfall trail

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About the waterfall trail

The glacial river of the Fljotsdalur valley has many waterfalls of different sizes and shapes, stretching from farms by the edge of the highlands up to the Ramsar protected wetlands of Eyjabakkar. It takes you about 6 hours to walk this 20 km route by the river which in many places runs through a deep canyon. The Wilderness Center is a good starting point and on the way is a natural birch forest, an ideal resting place.

You can expect to see reindeer or maybe an arctic fox. When you reach the plateau it is ideal to drop by the highland hostel at Laugarfell and relax in the natural hot springs. You can also start at Laugarfell and work your way downhill towards the Wilderness Center. The choice is yours. Both Laugarfell and Wilderness Center offer you a drive from one place to the other, before or after the hike.

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