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About us

East Highlanders is a family business and run by a team of experienced drivers and guides who will help you create new memories in the East Iceland.

We who work at the company call ourseles memory creators, we offer day trips around the East for small groups as well as welcoming larger and smaller groups in Hallormsstadur forest.

Our opperation is build on a solid foundation and have been welcoming guests since 2010. Our goal is to provide a memorable stay in the East. We strive to be socially and environmentally responsible, meeting the needs of our guests and exceeding their expectations. Please check out our website and let's create new memories together.

Day trips
Experience the East in peace and privacy. Day trips are perfect for smaller groups. We offer private jeep tours with guides who will take you and your group around the area and explore the main attractions of East Iceland. you can book a trip to Studlagil, Mjoifjordur and Borgarfjordur Eystri. We can also create a tailor made tour if you want to see something else.

Hallormstadur forest
In the forest, we welcome groups and offer axe throwing. Axe throwing has deep roots and was popular activity in the viking age. Today axe throwing has been modernized into a competitive sport and the aim of the sport is to hit the bullseye on a target.

If you are competitive and want to get the adrenaline going then this is a activitie for you. Get in touch with your with your inner viking and step back in time while you throw axes in the forest.

We offer 1 hour of axe trowing. This activity takes place outdoors so please dress according to weather. This activity is relatively easy and effortless. The dificulty lever is similar to bowling and throwing darts. Therefore suitable for everybody. This activity takes place outdoors and is great for those who want to have fun.

Let's make good memories together and see you in a good mood - the East Highlanders team

East Highlanders
+(354) 830 1300

GPS: N 65.092866 - W 14.736838

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