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About us

Laugarfell is located north of Mt. Snæfell, 74 km drive from Egilsstaðir on paved roads (except the last 2 km). Good access in summer by all cars.

Accommodation for 28 people, breakfast and dinner available. We also offer sandwiches, cake, coffee and tea. Packet meals for short or long trips.

Two natural geothermal pools are located at Laugarfell and according to old folk tales the water is known for its healing powers. Many interesting hiking paths and a number of beautiful waterfalls.

Hot springs

Two natural hot springs are in Laugarfell, which give the place its name. The springs are stacked which gives them a lot of charm. The view from the pools is beautiful and in the distance, one can see Mount Snæfell. Old sayings claim the water in the springs has got healing powers. After a walk or sightseeing, it is lovely to relax in the hot springs and enjoy the quietness, peace and bright Icelandic nights.

The hot springs are open until 23:00 for overnight guests.

The hot springs are open from 9:00 until 21:00 for day visitors. For day visitors it cost 1.500 ISK per person and 500 ISK for kids (13 years old and younger). It is not allowed to take any glass bottles to the hot springs.

The hot springs can be slippery.

All guest needs to take shower before they enter the hot springs.

Every Monday morning the larger hot spring will be cleaned and then the smaller one will only be available until 14:00.

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GPS: N 64.886156,- W 15.352364

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