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Hafursá guesthouse

Hafursá guesthouse is by the edge of Hallormsstadur forest with panoramic view to Mt. Snæfell.

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Hallormsstadur camping

Hallormsstadur forest is a national forest with camping areas, hiking trails, arboretum and several interesting places.

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Hengifoss food truck

Sauðagull produces high quality food products from Icelandic sheep milk. Sauðagull is a family run company, located in Fljótsdalur Valley.

Hengifoss Guesthouse

Only 6 km from iconic waterfall Hengifoss, the family run guesthouse is located in scenic and calm countryside.

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Holt og heidar

Holt og Heiðar products are mostly collected from Icelandic nature. The ingredients are from Icelandic forests and their surroundings.

Hotel Hallormsstaður

In the middle of the forest Hotel Hallormsstaður offers great food and accommodation.

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Klausturkaffi restaurant

In the home of Gunnar Gunnarsson Klausturkaffi restaurant offers lunch buffet and a fabulous cake buffet.


Laugarfell is located in the highlands by the edge of Vatnajökull national park. Hot springs, hiking trails and accommodation.

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In Mjóanes you can accommodate in rooms in apartment or small huts. Great cooking facilities and sauna.

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Mt. Snæfell Lodge

Snæfellsskáli lodge, located by the west side of Mt. Snæfell (F909) has space for 45 persons and camping site.


Sauðagull produces high quality food products from Icelandic sheep milk.

Skriðuklaustur Cultural Center

Skriðuklaustur historic site contains the ruins of a 16th century monastery with churchyard and hospital.


Snæfellsstofa visitor centre at Skriduklaustur is an information centre with an exhibition about the Vatnajökull National park.


Vallanes is an organic farm known for its products of Móðir Jörð. Taste or buy the delicious food in the café.

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Wilderness Center

The Wilderness Center is an authentic and peaceful hideaway with unique accommodation, local food and hot spring spa.

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